Support Our Counsellors


If you are a student who accesses, used to access, or is waiting to access counselling services on campus, we want to hear your voice.

The disruptions in counselling services that are happening due to the labour dispute between CUPE 2424 and Carleton University are not minimal, and it is incredible to hear CU Interim President Summerlee continue to describe them as such in his public statements and interviews.

It is telling of the University’s priorities that they consider this exceptional lapse in a critical campus service to be “a minimal disruption”. It particularly disheartens the SAMH executives given the University’s recent commitment to implementing more accessible and inclusive mental health services on campus, through the Mental Health Framework 2.0 launch in September of 2016. We’ve written an open letter about it.

We don’t think it is right when the University speaks for students and uses them as a public bargaining tool. The administration is not your voice. You are your voice, and that’s why we want to hear it. We’re asking you to submit a testimonial in support of our campus counsellors that we will publish alongside others here.

Basically, if you think our mental health service providers should be shown greater appreciation from their employer, then share those feelings with us and we will publish them alongside others. Let the University know that CUPE 2424 workers are essential to campus life and student wellness.

So tell us how campus counselling has been important to your life.

Or why you value your counsellor.

Or how much you need access to these campus services.

Or whatever else comes to mind.

(It’s better to attach your real name to your testimonial as it puts pressure on the University to listen, so we encourage everyone who can to do so. But if you’re really uncomfortable, then you can sign it as “Anonymous” instead.)

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