So… No Campus Counselling?

Not exactly. Here’s the situation as it is right now:

Most of the counsellors in Health and Counselling are part of CUPE 2424 and are on strike. Carleton employees who are not part of CUPE 2424 but who have counselling qualifications have been assigned to support H&C during the strike, but are not there to take over the counselling duties explicitly. It’s more of a “be where I’m needed on a given day” situation for them.

If you have an upcoming appointment and your counsellor is part of CUPE 2424 and has not returned to work, you will receive a cancellation email two business days beforehand at the latest. Re-booking with another counsellor cannot be done at this time since it is unclear when the strike will end, or who may cross the picket line before the strike’s end.

Starting at 1:00PM, Monday to Friday there are walk-in counselling appointments available at H&C until the end of business day (which may vary but is generally at 4PM). To reiterate, these appointments are given on a first-come, first-served basis and require you to come in person to book.

From Intent to Action (FITA) lead counsellors are also on strike, but it is possible to get a one-off session with someone who is not your regular counsellor if your appointment is cancelled due to the strike.

To our best knowledge, Equity counselling services are happening normally.