Strike Info & Updates

Why is there a strike?

Here is the gist: the University wants CUPE 2424 to change their collective agreement so that in the future, they cannot file a grievance against the University if changes are made to their pension plan without CUPE 2424’s consent. The University says it’s because all Carleton employees (including other unions) are under one plan and CUPE 2424 shouldn’t be able to unilaterally block a change. CUPE 2424 says conceding would give the Carleton Board of Governors the formal power to unilaterally make changes to the pension plan, and would leave CUPE 2424 with no recourse and thus no protection. CUPE 2424 says they’re not looking to change anything but want to formalise the consensus-style negotiating that both parties acknowledge has been common practice when making changes over the years, just to ensure no one has the power to go rogue and force everyone else along for the ride.

SAMH stands in solidarity with CUPE 2424 and their right to have a formalised agreement that provides them security in their employment and financial future. We believe the University needs to better value our administrative staff and our counsellors, particularly given the University’s recent commitment to the new Mental Health Framework 2.0 in September 2016. The University cannot value student mental health and wellness if they do not value the wellbeing of those who provide and facilitate mental health services on campus.

So… No Campus Counselling?

Not exactly. Here’s the situation as it is right now:

Most of the counsellors in Health and Counselling are part of CUPE 2424 and are on strike. Carleton employees who are not part of CUPE 2424 but who have counselling qualifications have been assigned to support H&C during the strike, but are not there to take over the counselling duties explicitly. It’s more of a “be where I’m needed on a given day” situation for them.

If you have an upcoming appointment and your counsellor is part of CUPE 2424 and has not returned to work, you will receive a cancellation email two business days beforehand at the latest. Re-booking with another counsellor cannot be done at this time since it is unclear when the strike will end, or who may cross the picket line before the strike’s end.

Starting at 1:00PM, Monday to Friday there are walk-in counselling appointments available at H&C until the end of business day (which may vary but is generally at 4PM). To reiterate, these appointments are given on a first-come, first-served basis and require you to come in person to book.

From Intent to Action (FITA) lead counsellors are also on strike, but it is possible to get a one-off session with someone who is not your regular counsellor if your appointment is cancelled due to the strike.

To our best knowledge, Equity counselling services are happening normally.

How can I show support?

(Some of these we came up with, some were inspired by CUPE 2424’s Student FAQ and from OPIRG Carleton’s weekly newsletter.)

  1. Share a testimonial in support of Carleton’s counsellors, or share the form so that others can.
  2. Sign your name and send Administration an email using CUPE’s pre-made email form!
  3. Tweet your support (or testimonial!) using the hashtag  #cupe2424 (other good hashtags: #bettertogether, #carletonuniversity, #canlab, #distinctlycarleton)
  4. Check out, like, and follow the CUPE 2424 social media (links to the right).
  5. Email Carleton Administration and tell them how CUPE 2424 staff at Carleton help you in your life, and urge them to allow CUPE 2424 to keep their pension language and feel secure in their financial future.
    • (Assistant VP – Human Resources)
    • (VP Finance)
    • (Office of the President, Alastair Summerlee)
  6. Join the picket line when you can. Maybe it’s for half an hour before class, maybe it’s half an hour before catching the bus. (Just make sure to be patient and respectful of the picketers, and follow their lead!)
  7. Pick up and wear some buttons to show your support of CUPE 2424. They are available at Mike’s Place Pub (209 UC), GSA (6th floor UC), or at the picket line table (remember to be patient and respectful).
  8. Small things. Learn about the strike from the CUPE 2424 website (links to the right). Be kind to pedestrians who are crossing the picket line. Be respectful of any police presence. And wish the picketers good luck as you pass by.



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