The Student Alliance for Mental Health strives to facilitate community discussion around mental health & illness. We also strive to advocate for better and more accessible mental health resources.


Centering those with lived experience.

Working through an intersectional and anti-oppressive approach to expand our understanding of mental health and diversify the discussions we hold around it. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Actively seeking to platform events and speakers from marginalised communities around mental health.
  • Regularly reviewing our programming and workshops to improve content and ensure the language is up to date.
  • Maintaining an efficient and accessible feedback process for community members.
  • Keeping current on community developments and issues.

The belief that mental health services should be available and easily accessible for all.


Support, Educate

SAMH brings students together to discuss various topics related to mental health, to share their lived experience and hear about others’, and to engage in self-care activities in an accepting environment. In addition, we promote on- and off-campus services to help connect students to resources.


Through our collaboration with Carleton administration, SAMH also advocates with and for students to improve mental health on a systemic level. In the past, we successfully passed a referendum to increase the number of counsellors in Health and Counselling Services. Since then, we have continued to provide input on Carleton’s updated mental health framework.