CUPE 2424’s services are essential to the entire underpinning of the university that the current Carleton administration is failing to properly serve in their absence. From planning conferences, program guidance, providing counselling services, and library services these aspects of student life cannot merely be shuffled around. Mental Health services are already riddled with barriers to begin with on campus. CUPE 2424 is filled with incredible individuals who are highly reflexive and are undeserving of facing a precarious future at a time where people acquire disabilities through aging. I fully support their strike but I am becoming increasingly disappointed in Carleton’s inadequate responses towards students with disabilities alongside their minimization of support services during the most busy aspects of term. Carleton’s lacklustre alternatives simply do not meet anyone’s expectations and present more needless barriers for students. A cross campus shuttle isn’t enough for student’s who do not qualify for ParaTranspo as they are being yet again left behind. The needed screening on this service is not helping students. It is unprofessional to depict a union fighting for their rights as pitted against students when they are a core aspect of their experience needing to be compensated accordingly for their labour. The difference between Carleton and CUPE 2424 is that one is willing to address ableism in an apology while the other consistently perceives students with disabilities as a liability with minimal opportunities presented towards adequately addressing the existing barriers they face.

– Fa’Ttima Omran, MA Legal Studies