I support Carleton’s CUPE 2424 Members because workers on campus who are dealing with the increased rates of mental illness, be it counsellors, support staff or workers at the PMC deserve good faith bargaining and an administration that values them as much as many of the students who need them do.

I am a student of 4 years at Carleton, have served on the Carleton Board of Governors and have actively engaged members of senior administration on the topic of mental health for years. While other schools like the University of Waterloo increase investment into their counselling and accomodation services, Carleton has continued to hide behind their self-proclaimed monicker of “most accessible school in Canada”, while the interim President refers to students being unable to access mental health services on campus in the weeks leading up to exams as “a minimal disruption”, while taking home a salary well into the six figures.

Enough is enough. President Summerlee and the administration bargaining team need to stop their grandstanding and twisting of facts, and return to the bargaining table with real, fair solutions for their staff. Many students rely on counselling just to be able to attend Carleton, and yet administration and those who choose to remain silent would rather see those students fail, then have workers receive a fair shake.

– Greg Owens, Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience and Mental Health