These are folks who have dedicated their lives and careers to bettering this university and all it’s programs. In disregarding their concerns, not only are you telling them, as loyal associates of this establishment, that they do not matter, you are also telling the students that attend Carleton the same thing. This is effecting numerous departments and programs, current and future students, new and veteran employees alike. My 4 years at Carleton have changed me into a better student, leader, friend, woman, and person in general. I would never have imagined I could achieve and accomplish what I do now before I stepped onto this campus for the first time. I owe all of that to the folks who work to make this university what it is – that group largely being comprised of members of CUPE 2424. I expect better from the higher ups of this university. I hope that it will not be long before they realize that they have a responsibility to respect their employees and their students. Set an example for all of us young and impressionable students, and do the right thing.

– Leah Sweeting, Biology Student