Mental health support (as well as skilled reception staff) are essential components to a universities ability to operate efficiently and effectively. Carleton asks staff to commit their efforts and career to it but doesn’t want to return the favour through fair pensions.

Carleton is known for its social science programs, it’s why I moved from Alberta to come here. On the contrary there has been a number of incidents of unfair working conditions for staff in recent years. Similarly, it seriously compromises the schools reputation to have it show such blatant disregard towards mental health and social issues like workers rights. This issue will definitely worsen if Carleton continues to cheapen it’s counselling services by not providing proper allowances to the department. Carleton cannot afford to lose credibility as a leading educator in social sciences. It’s a terrible business model to disprove your own teachings, therefore, invalidating their worth. If they can’t learn to walk the talk eventually they won’t have any customers interested in listening.

– Baylee Bernier; Political science, Sociology and Law Student