Meet Our Executives!

Ekaterina Totina



Hello, my name is Ekaterina and I am a 3rd year Psychology Honours student. I have been interested in human behavior and psychology ever since I was in elementary school. I am currently working towards my Bachelor’s Degree and I will hopefully move towards my Masters and PhD in Clinical Psychology.

People’s health has always been a big interest of mine and as years passed by, I have come to the conclusion that mental health and physical health are very much interconnected. Thus, as a community we should not only aim towards better physical health but better mental health as well. By careful examination of our current society, it appears that there is a lot of stigma surrounding mental health problems. My goal is to work alongside fellow volunteers and SAMH executives towards spreading awareness for the importance of mental health. I also hope to work towards helping decrease the negative stereotypes surrounding peoples with mental illness. One of my main purposes is to help students realize that they are not alone when facing difficulties and that there are people and resources to support them if they choose to seek and receive help. I believe that as a community we come together in working towards a better mental health system and making sure to eliminate the stigma that is often associated with mental illness.
We all have our inner struggles and need help at certain moments in life. So it is okay to ask for help. One main goal in my life is to ensure people see the bright side of life and realize that behind every dark cloud, a silver lining exists. If you happen to be in a rough place right now, know that your problems do not define who you are, they are just something that will and can be overcome. Together we can make this happen.

Tanya Thomson

Recruitment Executive


Hey, my name is Tanya Thomson and I’m the Recruitment Executive for the Student Alliance for Mental Health here at Carleton. The cuter little guy in the photo is my rotti/shepard Kheops. I work as an ECE teaching kindergarten and I’m studying Child Studies here at Carleton to pursue my dream job of researching issues related to child and youth psychology. Through my work with children and here with the SAMH I’ve been moved by how open many people are about sharing their mental health stories. I am so inspired of the people who have the courage to seek help and advocate for a sometimes sensative issue like mental health. Through their strength of daring to share their stories, I know they empower others to seek help. I’m proud to be able to facilitate the creation opprotunities for fantastic and passionate Carleton volunteers.

Rebecca Saab

Volunteer Coordinator

Hello, my name is Rebecca Saab and I’m the volunteer coordinator executive for the Student Alliance for Mental Health. I am a 3rd year psychology student focusing on working as a clinical psychologist or work in counseling as a future career goal. As an advocate toward the movement against mental health stigma, I hope to help change how society views mental health topics. As someone who has seen firsthand the negative stereotypes toward mental disorders, I believe promoting resources and providing information could be beneficial to changing public attitudes toward mental health. For those who are interested in volunteer opportunities, please contact me.

Alison Flett

Communications Coordinator

Hi Carleton students! I’m a 3rd year Psychology student and this is my first year being an exec for SAMH. My ultimate career goal is to work in the field of mental health as either a school or child clinical psychologist. I’ve always been an advocate and supporter of discussing mental health issues whether it’s on campus or in our community. My Dad is a Psychologist whose research has focused on youth mental health, particularly in schools, so I started to wonder myself about what could be done at Carleton to create a more open dialogue about this prevalent and important issue. Feel free to contact me anytime about what upcoming events you would like to see SAMH be a part of.

Colin Capaldi


Hello fellow Carleton students! I’m a first year Master’s student in Psychology and this is my second year working with SAMH. I’m involved with SAMH because I believe that dispelling the myths surrounding mental health and promoting understanding, empathy and resources is vital to a healthy Carleton community. If you have any great fundraising or event ideas, I’m all ears. You can reach me at the above email.

Jason Morawski

Financial Team Lead

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